NTK Presale

We are announcing extension of the white list pre-sale until January 1st 2018.
Our public token sale will start January 7th and finish on 15th of February.
Here are the benefits to the participants of the token sale:

Продление предварительных продаж NTK::

После глубоких раздумий мы решили продлить предварительные продажи аккредитованным инвесторам до 01 января 2018 г., а открытую продажу провести после небольшого перерыва с 07 января по 15 февраля. Мы приняли такое решение по следующим причинам:
On the 7th of January 2018, you will be able to send Ether to our smart contract and receive NTK directly into your ECR-20 compatible wallets. On this date, we will also distribute all the tokens purchased in the pre-sale to their respective wallets.
We will be releasing the first version of our platform in February and wlll update SAFT terms to the U.S. contributors. SAFT tokens will be distributed on February 15th, 2018.
We invite you to participate in the referral program. If you haven’t signed up yet, here’s the link.
We are announcing acceptance of other alt-coins in the pre-sale and public sale process (Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Neo, Zcash etc.)
We are powering on the strong marketing campaign along with upcoming road shows in the USA and Asia, conferences in Silicon Valley and New York, to spread the word about Neuromation and our vision for AI democratization.

Pre-Sale Additional Bonus Structure:

"Additional bonus for early birds" — We will extend a 5% bonus to all early whitelist pre-sale contributors. If you contribute before Nov 29th, you’ll see an additional 5% added to your NTK balance.
Both new and old investors will enjoy additional bonuses added to the regular bonuses. (bonuses will be added retroactively to all who contributed). Regular bonuses are 15% for amounts of contribution less than 3 ETH, and 25% for 3 ETH and more.

volume bonus:

  •  30 Ether — 1%
  •  50 Ether — 2,5%
  • 100 Ethers — 5%
  • 300 Ethers — 8%
  •  500 Ethers — 10%
  • 1000 Ethers — 15%
  • 2000 Ethers — 20%
  • 3000 Ethers — 30%
Мы твердо уверены, что такой подход наилучший для блага нашего сообщества, и в восторге от большого интереса, вызываемого этим проектом. Мы надеемся, что эти дополнительные меры послужат его долговременному процветанию и успеху.
Thank you for your continued trust in us,
Neuromation’s team, always available in Neurotoken(NTK) Chat